est le projet de deux frères, Baptiste et Jean-Brieuc, travaillant tous les deux dans le domaine de l’ingénierie et passionnés de technologies innovantes comme l'impression 3D.



Chic.You crée et produit des accessoires personnalisables imprimés en 3D. a cœur de developer des produits élégants, personnalisables, de qualité et respectueux de l’environnement. L'idée a germé lors de différents mariages lors desquels ils portaient des nœud papillons imprimés en 3D et qui attiraient l'attention et apportaient une touche insolite.

Willing to create unexpected gifts and to make sensation during such meaningful event, they started designing, producing and wearing personalized bowties integrating the future couple name and the event date in the 3D printed shape. At the end of those events, they usually gave the bowties to the new husband and wife, providing them a great gift, associated to a memorable day.

Seeing the success of these initiatives among the wedding attendance and the desire of some of those to replicate the concept, they decided to widen the scope of our initial idea and to launch Chic.You. Chic.You is continuously gaining in maturity but keeps its root in the same ground as at its inception : providing unexpected and unique accessories to ease the creation of emotions during social events.